Electric heating technology...




Cartridge heaters...  

Our cartridge heaters serve the purpose of direct heating of tools or tool  components. The most frequent application areas of heating cartridges  include: moulds, tools, heating bars and various mechanical parts, for  example in the plastics processing and packaging industry.


High performance
cartridge heater HLP


The high-performance cartridge heater (HLP) has emerged as standard heater  with a variety of application areas in the past few decades. The advantage of the HLP is its design with a particularly small distance  from the heating conductor winding to the outer sheath and the excellent resulting heat transfer. This design enables surface loads of 30 W/cm².


High density Spiral cartridge heater HPV


A compacted spiral cartridge heater HPV constitutes a design compromise  between a high-performance heating cartridge and an uncompacted heating  cartridge. Spiralised heating conductors are run through a hole ceramic  for this design. It is particularly suitable for applications which do  not require high surface loads, i.e. a maximum of 12 W/cm².
This extremely robust heater can also be manufactured with long lengths


Spiral cartridge heater


These cartridge heaters mainly differ from the heaters described above due to their uncompacted design. Here, the heating conductor is embedded in  magnesium oxide (MgO), which is highly electric heat conductive. You can implement surface loads of up to 5 W/cm² with this cost-efficient  heater. 


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Cylinder heaters...

Our cylinder heaters  from the type series ZHB (micanite version) and KHB  (ceramic version) serve the purpose of direct heating of tools, moulds and cylinders from almost all sectors of industry. Apart from their variable connection options (connection fitting with or without built-in box as well as a connection line) these heating bands are characterised by user-friendly fastening options, which enables quick and  trouble-free replacement


Cylinder heater ZHB


- Customer-specific design
- Maximum temperature: 350°C
- Minimum diameter: 35mm
- Minimum heating band height: 20mm
- Maximum heating band height: 800mm
- Heating power: 5.0 W/cm²


Cylinder heater
ceramic version KHB


- Customer-specific design
- Maximum temperature: 650°C
- Minimum diameter: 60mm
- Minimum heating band height: 21mm
- Maximum heating band height: optional
- Heating power: 9.0 W/cm2


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Frame - and Panel heaters...

Our frame and panel heaters of the type series KHK / FHK (micanite version)  serve the purpose of direct heating of tools and moulds for plastics  processing machines and other process-engineering applications. Apart  from the variable design and the different connection options these  heating elements are characterised by dimensional stability as well as  corrosion resistance. A short heating-up time is ensured due to the low  mass of heating elements.




- Maximum temperature: 350°C
- Maximum performance: 3.5 W/cm² optionally up to 5.0 W/cm²
- Heating element: micanite version
- Connection voltage: 230 Volt AC, 400 volt 3ph
- Installation size: according to customer specifications




- Maximum temperature: 350 °C
Maximum performance: 3,5 W/cm² optional bis 5,0 W/cm²
- Heating element: micanite version
- Connection Voltage: 230 Volt AC, 400 Volt 3ph
- Installation size:
according to customer specifications


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Tubular heaters RHK...

Our tubular heaters have a diameter of 6.5mm and 8.5mm and consist of high-alloyed chromium-nickel steel. The current-carrying, spiral-wound heating conductor is made of high-temperature-resistant chromium-nickel resistance wire. This heating conductor is centrically embedded and insulated inside the jacket pipe. Fine-grained magnesium oxide characterised by its particularly good heat conductivity and excellent insulation values even in case of high temperatures is used for insulation. The heat element ends are unheated and sealed as well as locked with a ceramic end bead according to their intended purpose. The surface load of the tubular heaters in W/cm² depends on the intended purpose. Therefore, the performance and dimensions of all tubular heaters have to be designed according to their intended purpose.


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Screwable immersion heaters EHK...

Our screw-in heaters of the type series EHK (versions 1 1/2” and 2”) serve the purpose of direct heating of different liquid and gaseous media.
Areas of application:

    - Domestic water heating
    - Continuous flow heaters
    - Oil heating
    - Cleaning baths
    - Degreasing baths
    - Air heaters

Optimum adjustment of the heating elements to the medium and the desired operating temperature is possible. Moreover, we also provide versions with temperature controllers, temperature limiters and a controller-limiter-combination. The versions with a performance of up to 11.0kW are directly wired for switching; separate contactors in a control cabinet are not required. 


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Spiral pipe cartridge heaters / coil heaters WRP...

All Coil heaters by Gräff are also available with a built in thermocouple.
The standard built in thermocouple is a  Fe-CuNi Type J.
Moreover, the version can also be supplied with a thermocouple Ni-CrNi Type K at short notice.
Standard version spiral pipe cartridges by Gräff are equipped with a nickel-plated copper litz wire and PTFE-insulated.
Litz wire length 1000mm.
Other connection types can be supplied at short notice at customer request.


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Heating and ventilation device...

Heating and ventilation devices complete our product range and can be applied in business and commercial rooms in the industry as well as in the utility vehicle area or for special purposes such as crane cabins.

They are multifunctional and variable due to their power range of up to 2,000 W and universal installation options. 



Electric heating technology...

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