We develop, design and produce thermocouples and resistance thermometers for almost any industrial application.

In addition, our sensors have the appropriate approvals for use in the ATEX / IECEx area.


Our melt pressure transducers are used in almost all
branches of industry in which melt pressure transducers are required
With it´s high quality and environmentally friendly properties, you get a product, which can be optimally integrated into your application


Consultancy, design and supply of customer specific heaters and heating cartridges.


The ISOMA insulation sleeve, reduces heat loss by heat conduction.By minimizing the thermal efficiency, it minimizes the power requirement  or achieves a lower heating time with the same heat output.As a contribution to reducing energy costs, a consumption reduction of  between 20 and 40% can be achieved depending on the design and  application.


Temperature controllers supplement the range of temperature sensors: Single and  multi-channel control systems with up to 256 control zones are included in our  program.

Consulting, design, development and delivery of systems for continuous and  systematic process monitoring of various process variables such as  temperature, pressure and unit signals.Complementary components for load monitoring, temperature limiters, thermostats,  safety limiters for thermoplastic processes in the extrusion and  injection molding sector.









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