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Use our CAD Configurater

Our product groups have a CAD configurator that gives you the opportunity to configure your sensor according to your requirements. After configuration and registration on the CAD platform, you have the option of exporting your configuration to all common CAD formats and using it for your design.

Generate a data sheet for your sensor and ask us about prices and delivery times.

If you need help using our CAD configurator, please contact us.


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Configure your sensor according to your requirements

Thermocouples “70..”
- Thermocouples according to DIN EN 60584
- Fe-CuNi/L, Fe-CuNi/J, NiCr-Ni/K
- Accuracy better than 1,5K
- Grounded or potential free
- Temperature range up to +1200°C
- High quality Thermo cable

Resistance thermometers “71..”
- Resistance thermometers according to DIN EN 60751
- Pt50 / Pt100 / Pt500 / Pt1000
- 2- / 3- / 4- wire circuit
- Vibration resistant versions available
- Temperature range up to +600°C
- Hoch quality Copper- /  Nickel cable